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harry&louis : a summary (requested)

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas reuniting onstage for the first time together since 2010 to perform “This is Me” at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California - September 27, 2014.

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One Direction, Charlotte - 09.27.14. x

Don't Listen to the Haters.
by Harry Styles
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25/9 New Orleans 

popular LARRY SHIPPPER lingo


  • LOL = lots of larry
  • LMAO = larry’s management are overlords
  • SMH = stop modest! & haylor
  • OMG = (get) OFF my gays
  • TTYL = taylor’s totally yuck! larry
  • BRB = big red beard (eleanor)
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I'm in my father's class at my high school. He said this today:
Him: As some of you may not know, I'm a feminist.
class: *laughs*
Him: No, really, I am.
Class: *laughs again*
Him: Why is that funny?
Asshole: Because you're a man, and you shouldn't think that way.
Him: Well why not?
Asshole: I dunno that's just the way that is.
Him: I'm a feminist because of my wife. She and I have the EXACT same job. Yet, I make more than her.
Class: *laughs*
Him: Why is that funny? Shouldn't women be paid equally as men?
Same Asshole: No, they're supposed to be in the kitchen.
Him: *slams fist on asshole's desk* Why?
Asshole: Because that's how it is.
Him: Why?
Asshole: That's their job.
Him: Why?
Asshole: *can't come up with another answer*
Him: I'm a feminist because my wife has the exact same job, gets less pay, and with that, I can barely support my three children. If she got paid as much as me, life would be a bit easier for all of us.
*note, my mother is a teacher like my father*
Him: Women gave birth to us, and now, here in the state of Michigan, they can't even have their own rights? It's 2014 people! Grow up or get out of my class.
Class: *silence*
Him: Now.. Louis XVI
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